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  • 0 / 3Sello cuadrados personalizado para profesoresStikets
  • 1 / 3Personalised rectangular stamp for teachersStikets
  • 2 / 3Personalised rectangular stamp for teachersStikets
  • 3 / 3Personalised rectangular stamp for teachersStikets
Sello cuadrados personalizado para profesores
Personalised rectangular stamp for teachers
Personalised rectangular stamp for teachers
Personalised rectangular stamp for teachers

Rectangular Custom Stamp for Teachers

From 26,95 
3.6 x 1.2 cm
Text will be printed as entered. The shorter the text the larger the letter size.
3.6 x 1.2 cm
2 Choose the font type
3 Icon
  • BW_futbol_2
  • BW_clapping_hands
  • BW_applause
  • BW_Full_Alligator
  • BW_red_truck
  • BW_pirate_sm_2
  • BW_Full_Flower_Pink
  • BW_trumpet_instrument
  • BW_lollipop
  • BW_futbol_2
  • BW_rugby_football
  • BW_Ball_Goal
  • BW_basketball
  • BW_beachball_3
  • BW_bicycle
  • BW_skateboard_sm
  • BW_artistic_skate
  • BW_dumbells
  • BW_baseball
  • BW_volleyball
  • no-icon
  • BW_clapping_hands
  • BW_chef_hat
  • BW_red_blln
  • BW_mushroom
  • BW_planet
  • BW_emji_love
  • BW_emji_shades
  • BW_emji_smile
  • BW_emji_tongue
  • BW_emji_caca
  • BW_emji_kiss
  • BW_ying_yang_hearts
  • BW_regal_sam
  • BW_colored_books
  • BW_colored_pencils
  • BW_casa_jm
  • BW_girl_castle
  • BW_shieldandswords
  • BW_boy_skull
  • BW_girl_skull
  • BW_diamond
  • BW_heart_diamond
  • BW_star_diamond
  • BW_heart_red
  • BW_gold_crown
  • BW_gold_star
  • BW_girltie
  • BW_heart_jm
  • BW_heart_three
  • BW_aflash
  • BW_Rainbow_Heart
  • BW_hightop
  • BW_Rainbow_Star
  • BW_smiley_face
  • BW_ghost_1
  • BW_tatoo_2
  • BW_hazard
  • no-icon
  • BW_applause
  • BW_happy_pencil
  • BW_happy_star
  • BW_like_hand
  • BW_specialone
  • BW_two_notebook
  • no-icon
  • BW_Full_Alligator
  • BW_full_camel
  • BW_happy_bee
  • BW_sleepy_tiger
  • BW_Full_Bird_Duck
  • BW_Full_Bird_Owl
  • BW_Grey_Dog_Half_Body
  • BW_koala_head
  • BW_elefant_sm
  • BW_frogie_2
  • BW_bunny_sm
  • BW_red_fox
  • BW_zebre_crmn
  • BW_Full_Bird_Parakeet
  • BW_giraffe_crmn
  • BW_Full_Bird_Toucan
  • BW_brown_bear
  • BW_lion_face_sm
  • BW_lion_geometric
  • BW_lion_side
  • BW_wolf
  • BW_monkey_sm
  • BW_panda_white
  • BW_pandicorn
  • BW_swallow
  • BW_pink_flamengo_sm
  • BW_penguin_sm
  • BW_turtle_sam
  • BW_clownfish
  • BW_starfish
  • BW_whale_sm
  • BW_dolphin
  • BW_shark_icon
  • BW_duck_crmn
  • BW_horsey
  • BW_mouse_sam
  • BW_tiger_imma
  • BW_paw_print
  • BW_lizard_2
  • BW_snail_sam
  • BW_owl_elis
  • BW_ladybug_sm
  • BW_happy_reno
  • BW_bumble_bee
  • BW_butterfly_crmn
  • BW_butterfly_2
  • BW_dog_face
  • BW_cat_face
  • BW_chickie_sm
  • BW_dino_crmn
  • BW_therex
  • BW_Stego_dino
  • BW_trice_dino
  • BW_drac_sndra
  • BW_unicorn
  • BW_white_unicron
  • BW_unicorn_heart
  • BW_Flying_Unicorn
  • no-icon
  • BW_red_truck
  • BW_yellow_excavator
  • BW_children_tricycle
  • BW_airplane
  • BW_monster_car
  • BW_fire_truck
  • BW_ambulance
  • BW_formula_1
  • BW_red_racer
  • BW_race_flags
  • BW_purple_car
  • BW_school_bus_jm
  • BW_helicopter
  • BW_rocket
  • BW_hot_air_ballon
  • BW_sailboat
  • BW_submarine
  • BW_tractor
  • BW_train_jm
  • BW_scooter
  • BW_ufo_jm
  • no-icon
  • BW_pirate_sm_2
  • BW_pirate_grl_sm
  • BW_princess_crmn
  • BW_princess_sm
  • BW_super_boy_face
  • BW_Full_Princess
  • BW_mexican_skull
  • BW_Full_Knight
  • BW_wndr_girl_face
  • BW_violet
  • BW_comunio_nena_estil3_5
  • BW_girl_babyface
  • BW_boy_babyface
  • BW_nen_crmn
  • BW_nena_crmn
  • BW_bball_boy_imma
  • BW_bball_girl_imma
  • BW_Full_Ballerina
  • BW_ballerina_2
  • BW_magic_fairy
  • BW_superboy_full
  • BW_Red_Head_Fairy
  • BW_Circus_Tent
  • BW_baby_swaddled_boy
  • BW_baby_swaddled_girl
  • BW_baby_pacifier
  • no-icon
  • BW_Full_Flower_Pink
  • BW_Full_Flower_Tulip
  • BW_Full_Flower_Rose
  • BW_Full_Flower_Sunflower
  • BW_monstera
  • BW_flower_boquet
  • BW_sunflower
  • BW_flower_power
  • BW_cactus
  • BW_sol_sun
  • BW_flame
  • BW_stikets_sun
  • BW_snowflake
  • BW_snowy_mountains
  • BW_rain_cloud
  • BW_moon_stars
  • BW_lighting_bolt
  • no-icon
  • BW_trumpet_instrument
  • BW_music_notes
  • BW_drummmer
  • BW_classic_guitar
  • BW_electric_guitar
  • BW_fiddle
  •  BW_grand_piano
  • BW_microphone
  • BW_saxophone
  • no-icon
  • BW_lollipop
  • BW_pineapple
  • BW_lemon
  • BW_watermellon
  • BW_strawberry
  • BW_cherries
  • BW_apple_sm
  • BW_pear_mm
  • BW_polo_imma
  • BW_icecream_cone
  • no-icon

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    1 Rectangular Custom Stamp for Teachers
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Technical Specifications for Stikets®️ Stamps

Stikets®️ custom stamps are the quickest and most reliable solution for marking fabric or paper surfaces. The stamps are produced in high-quality material, they're climate neutral and they use non-toxic paint. They also have an innovative automatic self-inking and ink refill system, ensuring that handling the product is easier, cleaner and more user-friendly.

  • 100% Customisable
  • Automatic and self-inking
  • Intuitive and clean handling
  • Non-toxic and climate-neutral ink
  • Includes ink for up to 1000 markings
  • More than 150 icons, 11 fonts and 20 backgrounds to choose from
  • Made in Europe
Name Stamps

100% customised and ready to use

The stamp comes with a customised rubber plate. This means that it can be used without needing to stamp individual letters, thus saving time and improving precision. Customisation is achieved through a manufacture process based on high-precision laser technology. The user receives their stamp customised and ready to use.

Name Stamps

Easy to use for marking and identifying property

The upper part of the self-inking stamp has a clear top, making it easy to see what the stamp looks like. This U-shaped piece is extractable and connects to the front and back of the stamp via lateral ribbing located on the upper sides. The clear box on the bottom of the stamp enables the user to position the stamp precisely to ensure the final print is clear and legible.

Name Stamps

Maximum ergonomics and precision

Stikets®️ custom stamps have non-slip grips on both sides to stop the user's fingers from slipping down when operating the stamp. Placing fingers on the non-slip grips has four advantages: (1) It allows the user to have complete control of the stamp; (2) it avoids making sharp movements when applying the stamp, preventing the finished print from being blurry; (3) it allows the stamp to be applied evenly on any surface; (4) it ensures the finished print is completely legible each time it is applied.

Name Stamps

Intuitive and clean handling

The ink pad has holding tabs on each end to position the stamp and immobilise it inside the stamp device. Once the ink pad is inserted in the stamp, the holding tabs keep the ink pad in a fixed position to prevent it from moving out of place inside the self-inking stamp. The same holding pad system allows the user to remove the ink pad from the stamp. Simply press down on the holding pads and use fingers to slide the ink pad out. The system is cleaner than others as the user's fingers never come into contact with the inky part of the ink pad.

Name Stamps

Automatic with a safety lock

Stikets®️ custom stamps have a two-position safety lock on their rear to enable easy handling. The safety lock is used to immobilise the lower feedback mechanism when changing the ink pad. This prevents the surface of the plate or the printing rubber from touching the ink pad, once the stamp has been used and the user wants to put it away.

Name Stamps

Features an eco-label

Stikets®️ custom stamps feature an eco-label in recognition of the low environmental impact of the materials used for their manufacture. The eco-label also recognises the fact that they include a non-toxic, water-based ink cartridge. This ensures the product is completely safe to use and has no detrimental effect on people's health or on sensitive skin.

Name Stamps

Even marking

The stamp's ink pad comprises two layers of special fabric. The first layer is composed of an ultra-fine filtering fabric that spreads the ink over the printing plate. This layer enables an exact quantity of ink to go through the fabric so that ink is applied to the stamp evenly. The second layer, in the bottom of the ink pad, is porous and is used to collect the ink. The second fabric has low permeability, which means that it preserves the functional integrity of the ink and the life cycle of the product.

Name Stamps

High density rubber for maximum definition

The stamp is produced by customising a high-density rubber sheet. This piece can come in various sizes, and it is fixed on the stamp during the production process. Applying the stamp consists of three steps: 1. The user activates the stamp automatically. 2. The printing plate, which is touching the ink pad, rotates on its own axis due to the feedback mechanism. 3. The rubber comes into contact with the surface the stamp will be used on to mark belongings as personal property.

Name Stamps
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