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Delivery at a home address or at a collection point

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Label Packs

Personalise your world All-in-one, fun, high quality solution

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Your Stikets Packs at an incredible price

img_Your Stikets Packs at an incredible price
With the different label combinations of the Stikets Packs you can mark everything you need. All kinds of clothing, including underwear, overalls, drawstring bags, sheets, bibs, stationery, books, baby bottles, dummies, tuppers, glasses, toys, shoes, toiletry bags, luggage... Packs with identification bracelets are perfect for excursions, for the beach or to go to the mall. In case the child gets lost it will be easier to locate him or her thanks to the contact information provided on the Stikets bracelets. Packs with hanging loops are ideal for clothes that are hanged on pegs at school. With them you can mark jackets, coats or art overalls for school with no sewing required. For your family trips you can choose our Family Travel Pack that includes labels and luggage tags for all your travelling needs, as well as identification bracelets with contact information for kids.

Why Buy Stikets Packs?

img_Why Buy Stikets Packs?
Stikets are the easiest way to mark everything and a Stikets Pack has everything you need to label school supplies, clothing, shoes as well as backpacks and bags. You can also include matching hanging loops to mark and hang matching jackets and/or matching identification bracelets. In a few seconds you can customiSe this money-saving pack with your children's name.

Pack of labels to mark everything


Get the Stikets custom product pack at a great price

img_Get the Stikets custom product pack at a great price
Stikets custom product packages are the economical option. With the packs of labels to mark it all you save more than 40% with respect to the purchase of the same products separately. In addition, you can customise everything at once with the design that your little one likes most. You will have everything you need to stay organised and help with back-to-school, summer camps, field trips or vacation.

Discover original Stikets packs

img_Discover original Stikets packs
At Stikets you have a pack of labels for every need. If you want a pack of labels for the nursery school, we recommend the mini pack or the themed pack with designs that you will love. The basic pack, the stamp pack and the no-iron packiron are the most versatile because they adapt to all needs, even for the elderly who need to mark everything for the residence. For older children and teenagers who no longer need to mark their clothes, the adhesive pack of labels is perfect for them. There are also packs for teachers or for traveling. And if none of these are quite righ, you can create your own custom label pack with the products you want. There is a pack made just for you!
LAUREN review about
Medium Iron-On Name Labels
“I ordered the iron on labels, and happy to say they met my expectations. Great presentation. Good quality. I've just ordered more labels for books! ”
EMMA review about
Small Iron-On Name Labels
“These labels are beautiful, simple to apply and of excellent quality. I'll definitely get more in the future.”
ISABEL review about
Basic Pack
“Very happy with the purchase. The Basic pack comes with all sorts of labels for clothing and objects. It's perfect for marking all school supplies. Very good product, highly recommended.”
SOPHIE review about
Kids ID Bracelets
“I think it's the best way to keep track of kids during summer. I will recommend them to all my friends.”

Label Packs

Choose your Stikets Pack! With the Stikets Packs you will get your personalised clothing labels, name stickers, ID bracelets, hanging loops and luggage tags and labels at an even cheaper price.

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